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Manchester Based Human Rights Organisation

11th February 2016

Press release for immediate release

Hush - a - bye, baby, don’t you cry!

   “The refugee children in Calais smell tear gas - instead of smelling tooth paste - before going to bed. And instead of hearing lullabies they hear their parents crying in a dark tent on a cold winter’s night.”  (Fatema, a woman living in the Calais Refugee Camp)

   “I don't know how David Cameron sleeps at night.” (Julie Ward, North West Labour, MEP and co-founder of the Childrens’ Rights Intergroup, Brussels)

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Rubber bullets being fired on 'bunch of migrants' in Calais http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/38-rubber-bullets-being-fired-on-bunch-of-migrants-in-calais http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/38-rubber-bullets-being-fired-on-bunch-of-migrants-in-calais

RAPAR - Manchester UK based Human Rights Organisation


3rd February 2016

PRESS RELEASE for immediate release

  • Rubber bullets being fired on the “bunch of migrants” in Calais
  • “[The last time] 400,000 prisoners were in camps [in Europe] it was during the period of Nazism... no other period in all of history… The refugees are not prisoners, they have rights.” (Greek Migration Minister, Yiannis Mouzalas)
  • “The use of tear gas, rubber bullets and physical force, such as I experienced, is insupportable when dealing with people who are dispossessed." (Julie Ward, North West Labour MEP)
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North West MEP Reports Back on Visit to Calais Refugee Camp http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/37-north-west-mp-reports-back-on-visit-to-calais-refugee-camp http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/37-north-west-mp-reports-back-on-visit-to-calais-refugee-camp


Press Release - for immediate release

WEDNESDAY, January 20th 2016.

  • Julie Ward MEP urges other elected members to visit The Jungle to see conditions for themselves
  • Meeting included live phone link with a camp resident
  • Trade Unionists planning for follow up solidarity trips and 19th March, European anti racism day, National demonstration in London
  • “It is our duty as humanitarians, and indeed as human beings, to speak out and do what we can” - Michael Dodds, Communication Workers' Union
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Photos of Visit to Calais Refugee Camp and a Petition http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/36-photos-of-visit-to-calais-refugee-camp-and-a-petition http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/36-photos-of-visit-to-calais-refugee-camp-and-a-petition

Stand Up to Racism Visit to Calais refugee camp.

Supporters of Stand Up to Racism recently visited the Calais refugee camp.

Here is a Flickr page of superb photos from the visit.

Please also sign this 38 Degrees petition of solidarity with the refugees.

See also report and photos at the Rapar site.

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North West MEP Assaulted by French Police at Calais Camp http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/35-north-west-mp-assaulted-by-french-police-at-calais-camp http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/35-north-west-mp-assaulted-by-french-police-at-calais-camp



Press Release - for immediate release

Thursday 17th December 2015.

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Greater Manchester UAF - Press Release, 9 March 2015 http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/34-greater-manchester-uaf-press-release-9-march-2015 http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/34-greater-manchester-uaf-press-release-9-march-2015

Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism

for immediate release
Monday, 9th March 2015


700 join rally celebrating Multi-cultural Manchester – and then take their message on a march round the city centre streets. Anti-racists reject invitations by GMP to enter 10ft metal caged area in Albert Square.

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Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism - Press Release http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/33-greater-manchester-unite-against-fascism-press-release http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/33-greater-manchester-unite-against-fascism-press-release

Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism
Press Release

For immediate release
Thursday, 5th March 2015

Peaceful Event will Celebrate Multicultural Manchester and show the EDL they are not welcome in our city

12 noon Piccadilly Gardens
Saturday, March 7th 2015

A peaceful celebration of multi-cultural Manchester will be held in Piccadilly Gardens this Saturday to show the racist and fascist English Defence League they are not welcome in our city.

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Stand Up to Racism and Fascism - National Demo, London http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/32-stand-up-to-racism-and-fascism-national-demo-london http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/32-stand-up-to-racism-and-fascism-national-demo-london

National demonstration in London
Stand up to Racism and Fascism..
Saturday 21st March

Assemble 12pm BBC Portland Place London W1A 1AA
(nearest tube Oxford Circus)

Rally Trafalgar Square.

Download poster and leaflet (PDF).

Video from Manchester Will Stand Up to Racism Meeting, 26 February {youtube}uECbdwF5Cvk{/youtube}


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UAF National Conference, Sat 21st February, London http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/30-uaf-national-conference-sat-21st-february-london http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/30-uaf-national-conference-sat-21st-february-london

The annual conference of Unite Against Fascism takes place on Saturday 21st February at Congress Centre, TUC, Great Russell Street, London.

Details and agenda here.

Transport from Manchester

Care shares are available. If you need a lift contact Mike on 07903 586 191.

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Muslim lives matter vigil in Piccadilly Gardens http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/29-muslim-lives-matter-vigil-in-piccadilly-gardens http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/29-muslim-lives-matter-vigil-in-piccadilly-gardens

Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism
Press Release - For Immediate Release

With photos from the vigil and links to photos By Barbara Cook  http://www.demotix.com/news/6885113/vigil-held-victims-chapel-hill-shooting-manchester#media-6884960

For further information contact Dr Rhetta Moran, Joint Secretary, Greater Manchester Unite Against Fascism on 07776264646, rhetta.moran@gmail.com

15th February 2015
Muslim Lives - Black Lives - All Lives Matter:  
Family of murdered young Muslims in North Carolina
thank the people of Manchester UK for their candlelit vigil

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Demonstrate Against NWI Nazis In Bolton, This Sat http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/26-demonstrate-against-nwi-nazis-in-bolton-this-sat http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/26-demonstrate-against-nwi-nazis-in-bolton-this-sat

Fascists from the North West Infidels (NWI) are rallying this Saturday, 2nd August, to object to the building of a mosque in Bolton. 

Unite Against Fascism is joining with everyone who wants to oppose these hate-filled nazis with a loud and lively counter-protest - assemble at 12 midday near Wynsor's Shoes shop, 240 Blackburn Road, Bolton BL1 8DT.  Bring banners, placards and tons of anti-racist energy!  The fascists will not divide our communities!

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Griffin is History! http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/24-griffin-is-history http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/24-griffin-is-history

UAF logo

Nazi Nick Griffin is history. He was unceremoniously ousted as North West MEP in the May elections, getting a joke vote.

But the struggle continues against racist UKIP which, thanks to saturation media coverage of its election campaign by the yellow press, made substantial gains.


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Demonstrate against fascist Nick Griffin, at European Election count! http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/23-demonstrate-against-fascist-nick-griffin-at-european-election-count http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/23-demonstrate-against-fascist-nick-griffin-at-european-election-count

UAF logo

Sunday 25th May. Meet 7.30pm outside Manchester Town Hall.
Unite Against Fascism is calling a demonstration against fascist Nick Griffin, who will be attending the European Election count on the evening of Sunday 25th May.  The BNP is not a normal political party - it is a fascist organisation.  
Anti-racists are the majority.  We encourage everyone to attend - and to encourage members of your union/organisation/faith group to do the same.  Please bring Union banners.  For more details, please contact 07507 373 609.
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May Day - racism and fascism will not divide us in EU elections http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/21-may-day-racism-and-fascism-will-not-divide-us-in-eu-elections http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/21-may-day-racism-and-fascism-will-not-divide-us-in-eu-elections

Rhetta Moran, UAF, speaks about combating fascism at May Day demo


And here as background is Rhetta speaking in 2005 about why people become migrants and asylum seekers.

Why do people choose to migrate and become asylum seekers?


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The Big Business Interests that Bankroll UKIP http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/in-the-news/22-the-big-business-interests-that-bankroll-ukip http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/in-the-news/22-the-big-business-interests-that-bankroll-ukip

See this Channel 4 FactCheck report which lists the wealthy business people who are bankrolling UKIP. It is clear from this that this party has no interest in the welfare of ordinary working people. It is a tool of the rich to divide and rule working people.

Farage himself is from a wealthy finance capital background in the City of London.

Working people who support this party are like turkeys voting for Christmas.

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Three Activities To Get Rid Of Nick Griffin http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/20-three-activities-to-get-rid-of-nick-griffin http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/20-three-activities-to-get-rid-of-nick-griffin

UAF logo

Three Activities To Get Rid Of Nick Griffin

Following last Saturday's successful Nick Griffin Must Go! stall and leafletting with about 25 supporters, we'll be repeating the activity this Saturday (26th) from 1pm on Market St (near HMV) in central Manchester, please join us for a while.

Also on Saturday afternoon, we've been invited to join Kate Green MP and Euro candidate Theresa Griffin for door-to-door leafletting in Trafford and Urmston - for details please phone Mike 07903 586 191.

On Sunday (27th), we'll be leafletting the St George's Day Parade, organised by the City Council. Meet 11am at the junction of Oldham Rd and Varley St, a little way up Oldham Rd from the city centre; or, join us at 11.45am at Piccadlly Gardens, for the arrival of the parade.

For details or to discuss these or other activities to get rid of fascist MEP Nick Griffin, give Mike a ring on 07903 586 191.

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Nick Griffin Must Go! - Mass Leafletting http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/19-nick-griffin-must-go-mass-leafletting http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/19-nick-griffin-must-go-mass-leafletting

UAF logo

Nick Griffin Must Go! - Mass Leafletting

Dozens of UAF supporters distributed a couple of thousand leaflets on Saturday (19th) in central Manchester urging people to use their vote to get rid of fascist leader Nick Griffin on 22nd May. The huge turnout of anti-racist campaigners was partly in response to an attempt by NF Nazis to disrupt our leafletting the previous Saturday.

We'll be out in Market St for each of the remaining Saturdays, 1pm near HMV. Mass leafletting also on Tuesdays, 5pm, Piccadilly train station (bottom of the approach road) and on Thursdays, 6pm outside Oxford Rd train station. For details of these and other local activities to unseat Nick Griffin from the European parliament, ring Mike on 07903 586 191.

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Holocaust Memorial Week - Recommended Reading http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/15-holocaust-mmeorial-week-recommended-reading http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/events/15-holocaust-mmeorial-week-recommended-reading

Holocaust Memorial week recommended reading: Marek Edelman's The Ghetto Fights. The story of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Also the 43 Group by Maurice Beckman - the story of how East End Jews smashed a Mosleyite resurgence in the aftermath of World War 2.

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Teen planned 'Columbine-inspired attack' on school http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/in-the-news/10-teen-planned-columbine-inspired-attack-on-school http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/in-the-news/10-teen-planned-columbine-inspired-attack-on-school

Article from the Loughborough Echo: EDL teen kept a notebook of potential targets, including the local mosque, cinema, and council offices.


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Greater Manchester Police makes five figure pay outs to three Anti Fascists arrested on 20.03.10 http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/8-greater-manchester-police-makes-five-figure-pay-outs-to-three-anti-fascists-arrested-on-200310 http://www.manchesteruaf.org/index.php/reports/8-greater-manchester-police-makes-five-figure-pay-outs-to-three-anti-fascists-arrested-on-200310

Press Release for immediate release: 30.08.13UAF logo

Greater Manchester Police makes five figure pay outs to three Anti Fascists arrested on 20.03.10

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